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new film about the young Hitchcock

Just spotted today that the The McGuffin Film Society is producing a film about Hitchcock’s early years… Work is currently underway on the McGuffins third film… an in-depth documentary about director Alfred Hitchcock’s early days – and particularly his origins in East London. The film will explore the lesser known facts about his early life and work, while identifying the key sites from his youth which still exist today. Initial filming has already taken place… (read more)

Hugh Hefner and Hitchcock

Not too sure how much truth there is in this story, as the Daily Mail seems to be the only source, but… Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, 82, has donated $120 million towards a new School of Cinematic Art, to be built in Hollywood in memory of Alfred Hitchcock. Why? Hef declares that he wished to honour Hitchcock as “he managed to work with the three women I most wanted to pose nude for me, and… (read more)

Alfred Hitchcock: the Knife Czar

Knife related crime seems to be on the rise in the UK, with over 20 people killed in London this year. To try and help combat this, the government has enlisted Alfred Hitchcock to come up with a solution. Yep — I did a double-take too, but this is Manchester born policeman, 49 year old Alf(red) Hitchcock. I’m sure Hitch, who filmed some of his most memorable murders with knives, would have raised an eyebrow.

Hitchcock graffiti

Every now and then, I add some of the Hitchcock related images on Flickr (that have been uploaded with a Creative Commons License) to the Hitchcock Gallery. One of the things that took me slightly by surprise was just how much Hitchcock graffiti there is out there… (Hitchcock says “Nude coloured clothing party”) If you’d like to see what a “Nude Coloured Clothing Party” looks like, then again, head over to Flickr! I guess I… (read more)

Hitchcock’s driver’s license

Although Alfred Hitchcock often said he couldn’t drive and never owned a license, that was just one of his many “stories” he rolled out to journalists and interviewers. In fact, until his health declined, he often drove his daughter to school and church. CFTKTV is reporting that Hitchcock’s driving license is one of the items up for auction at an event being held June 21st-22nd in Las Vegas.

Hitchcock’s Brain Control

This interesting article appeared on the web site yesterday… Health News: Some movies affect more brain activity Using advanced functional imaging, U.S. and German neuroscientists found some motion pictures can exert considerable control over brain activity. Study authors New York University neuroscientists Uri Hasson, Barbara Knappmeyer, Nava Rubin and David Heeger and doctoral candidate Ohad Landesman as well as Ignacio Vallines of the University of Munich used fMRI and inter-subject correlation, or ISC analysis,… (read more)

Did young Alfred design these?

In November 1914, a 15 year old Alfred Hitchcock joined W.T Henley Telegraph Works as a junior technician. According to McGilligan’s biography, Hitchcock moved to the advertising department in 1917… His new job was more picture-oriented: designing, laying out, and pasting up the advertisments and brochures for Henley’s products. The following are adverts for Henley’s that appeared in The Times newspaper in October and November 1917 — I wonder if the 18 year old Hitchcock… (read more)