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Hitchcock Chromatography

Here’s 36,000 frames from all of the black & white Hitchcock films… The position of each frame on the circle is determined by two variables: 1) position in the film — frames from the start and end are near the top (12 o’clock) and the frames from halfway through are at the bottom (6 o’clock), etc. 2) the position on the axis — calculated from the average brightness of each frame, with darker frames near… (read more)

“On This Day” — RSS feed

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve just set up an “On This Day in Hitchcoch History” RSS feed: // The feed should give you a list of individual events for the current day. If you’re not seeing the correct day, then you can include an UTC offset to the end of the URL. Just add a comma followed by the number of hours offset you want to add/remove from UTC/GMT – e.g.: //,-9 //,+12

Hitchcock on UK TV and Radio

Here’s your weekly dose of Hitchcock! Title: Aventure Malgache Broadcast Info: Friday 22 Aug 08, 23:25 (35 mins) Broadcast Info: Monday 25 Aug 08, 08:30 (30 mins) Channels: Artsworld Title: Topaz Broadcast Info: Wednesday 20 Aug 08, 16:20 (145 mins) Channels: Sky Movies Premier 3 Title: Frenzy Broadcast Info: Wednesday 20 Aug 08, 02:50 (130 mins) Channels: Sky Movies Max 2 Title: Rear Window Broadcast Info: Sunday 17 Aug 08, 14:20 (100 mins) Channels: Five… (read more)

Hitchcock’s Brain Control

This interesting article appeared on the web site yesterday… Health News: Some movies affect more brain activity Using advanced functional imaging, U.S. and German neuroscientists found some motion pictures can exert considerable control over brain activity. Study authors New York University neuroscientists Uri Hasson, Barbara Knappmeyer, Nava Rubin and David Heeger and doctoral candidate Ohad Landesman as well as Ignacio Vallines of the University of Munich used fMRI and inter-subject correlation, or ISC analysis,… (read more)

Similar films

The Internet Movie Database usually lists a number of genre keywords for each film, and I thought it would be interesting to use those to find out which Hitchcock films are similar. So, for each Hitchcock film, I’ve listed the top five other films that have the most keywords in common with that film. For example, the most similar film to “Psycho” is “Frenzy”, and the most similar to “Spellbound” is “Vertigo”. What do you… (read more)

Hitchcock retrospective in Austria

Hitchcock fans in Austria will want to check out the Hitchcock retrospective at the Österreichisches Filmmuseum, running from 01/Dec/2007 to 04/Feb/2008. The press releases are available here and here, and there’s also a copy archived on the wiki. The web site also has a collection of hi-res Hitchcock images!

Bad day for Baddies

Three of the great, if not the greatest, Hitchcock baddies passed away on the 12th September… Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates in “Psycho“, died 12/Sep/1992) Hitchcock deliberately cast Perkins against type — all the better to keep us from realising that Norman isn’t normal, but is really Norma (Norm’s ma?)! Psycho bears out repeated viewings, if only to pick up on some of the very subtle acting from Perkins — the hesitation in picking which cabin… (read more)

RIP: Jane Wyman (1914-2007)

Several sites are just starting to break the news that the actress Jane Wyman (who played the role of Eve Gill in “Stage Fright“) has died at the ripe old age of 93. Jane Wyman and Alfred Hitchcock in “Stage Fright” (1951) BBC: Obituary: Jane Wyman Oscar-winner Wyman dies aged 93 The Hollywood Reporter: Oscar winner Jane Wyman dies at 93 AFP: Oscar-winner Jane Wyman dead at 93 International Herald Tribune: Jane Wyman, Oscar winner,… (read more)