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More details on the upcoming UK set…

Thanks to John Hodson for spotting that Network have added details of the upcoming 10 disc “Hitchcock: The British Years” to their web site. Looks like they’re pulling out the stops to include some great extras… Digitally restored versions of “The Lodger“, “The 39 Steps“, “Sabotage“, “Young and Innocent“, “The Lady Vanishes” and “Jamaica Inn“ “Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock” – unseen for forty years, Mike Scott interviews Hitchcock about his life and career “Aquarius: Alfred the… (read more)

“North by Northwest” squished

After reading Brendan Dawes’ “Analog In, Digital Out“, I’ve revisited the colours of “North by Northwest” (see earlier blog post). Rather than squish every frame to a single horizontal line, this time each frame is squished vertically — see if you can spot the “crop duster” sequence: ( full sized version on Flickr )

Grace Kelly, died 25 years ago today

It’s 25 years today since Grace Kelly, one of the two actresses most closely associated with Hitchcock (the other being Ingrid Bergman), died as a result of a car accident in Monaco. Curiously, Bergman herself had died just 2 weeks before from cancer. Kelly appeared in 3 Hitchcock films (the same number as Bergman): Dial M for Murder (1954) Rear Window (1954) To Catch a Thief (1955) Speaking about Kelly in “To Catch a Thief”… (read more)

Bad day for Baddies

Three of the great, if not the greatest, Hitchcock baddies passed away on the 12th September… Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates in “Psycho“, died 12/Sep/1992) Hitchcock deliberately cast Perkins against type — all the better to keep us from realising that Norman isn’t normal, but is really Norma (Norm’s ma?)! Psycho bears out repeated viewings, if only to pick up on some of the very subtle acting from Perkins — the hesitation in picking which cabin… (read more)

RIP: Jane Wyman (1914-2007)

Several sites are just starting to break the news that the actress Jane Wyman (who played the role of Eve Gill in “Stage Fright“) has died at the ripe old age of 93. Jane Wyman and Alfred Hitchcock in “Stage Fright” (1951) BBC: Obituary: Jane Wyman Oscar-winner Wyman dies aged 93 The Hollywood Reporter: Oscar winner Jane Wyman dies at 93 AFP: Oscar-winner Jane Wyman dead at 93 International Herald Tribune: Jane Wyman, Oscar winner,… (read more)