Horticultural Hitchcock

I really love this photograph that appeared in LIFE magazine (11/Jul/1960) :-D


Phantom Face in the Foliage

For 36 years Movie Director Alfred Hitchcock has dealt in murder, mayhem and malevolence but for all that has retained a cheerful and cherubic look. He has a red and merry face acquired by years of devotion to the civilizing influence of good wines. His eyes twinkle happily as he describes the movie he one day hopes to make – the story of the perfect murder in which the killer does away with the corpse by using it as gourmet’s savory concoction. Here, however, he drops his attitude of roguish innocence and permits Photographer Gordon Parks, with the help of some botanical props, to take a peek at the diabolical movie-making mind that has scared the daylights out of three decades of delighted moviegoers. The latest creation of this mind is Paramount‘s Psycho, a film about murder in a motel and an amateur taxidermist’s strange way of showing filial love. Hitchcock always describes his works as movies of suspense and terror but this one, he feels, goes much farther. It is, he says, his first film of pure horror.

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