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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Great Hitchcock Murder Mystery

This little curio titled “Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Great Hitchcock Murder Mystery” appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune‘s weekend magazine, “This Week”, on Sunday 4th August 1957. Unfortunately the images are from the best quality scan I have, but hopefully you can make out Hitchcock hamming it up (if anyone has a better quality scan, please let me know!) It’s seems highly unlikely the photoshoot was specifically staged as a response to a question from… (read more)

Who is this witch?

This ugly crone is a famous actress who delights in playing an occasional prank. On Halloween she went to her Hollywood studio, equipped herself with a wrinkled face, a wart on her nose and a broom, and swirled away. A few minutes later she burst into the home of Directory Victor Fleming, circled him on her broom and left, trailing a shrill, cackling laugh. A little later, she terrified Director Alfred Hitchcock (himself a master… (read more)

Horticultural Hitchcock

I really love this photograph that appeared in LIFE magazine (11/Jul/1960) :-D Phantom Face in the Foliage For 36 years Movie Director Alfred Hitchcock has dealt in murder, mayhem and malevolence but for all that has retained a cheerful and cherubic look. He has a red and merry face acquired by years of devotion to the civilizing influence of good wines. His eyes twinkle happily as he describes the movie he one day hopes to… (read more)

Hitchcock Chromatography

Here’s 36,000 frames from all of the black & white Hitchcock films… The position of each frame on the circle is determined by two variables: 1) position in the film — frames from the start and end are near the top (12 o’clock) and the frames from halfway through are at the bottom (6 o’clock), etc. 2) the position on the axis — calculated from the average brightness of each frame, with darker frames near… (read more)

Film the Blanks

Aficionados of film posters will enjoy Film the Blanks :) An ongoing experiment in deconstructing and abstracting film posters. Some famous and some not so famous. Look at the blank, read the clue and take a guess using the comments section. There’s definitely at least 2 Hitchcock film posters on the site… I’m sure you can guess which films they are!

The ideal car for a jaunt up to Bodega Bay

Reading the advert, I’m not 100% sure if the seller is claiming this is the actual car used in the film or not, but the Marreyt Classics web site has a LHD Aston Martin DB 2/4 Convertible up for sale… Whether or not it was used in the film, it would be the ideal car for a quick weekend jaunt up to Bodega Bay… The fully retractable hood would come in handy should the local… (read more)

Hitchcock, Titanic, and the Key

As Hitchcock prepared to make the move to Hollywood, David O Selznick was mooting the idea of making a film of the ill-fated Titanic. Selznick even planned to purchase the SS Leviathan, and Hitchcock proposed an opening credit sequence which would begin with a close-up of a rivet, then a gradual pull back of the camera to reveal the entire ship. Hitchcock also joked about filming the sinking sequence, only to discover that there was… (read more)