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Hollywood Oversight: Norman Lloyd

Next month marks the centenary of the birth of actor, producer and director Norman Lloyd! Lloyd’s first major film role was in Hitchcock’s Saboteur (1942), playing the role of “Fry”. Later, he became an associate producer and director on both Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. To celebrate the centenary, here is one of the earliest film magazine articles about Lloyd, from the November 1942 issue of Hollywood Magazine… “Norman Lloyd hung around… (read more)

Splitting the Screen

In the modern world of CGI, some of the special effects and rear projection techniques in Hitchcock’s films can seem a little dated and crude. One of the sequences that I think has stood the test of time well is from near the end of “Foreign Correspondent (1940)” when the clipper plane is shelled, one of its engines destroyed, and it nose-dives into the sea. As the passengers brace themselves for impact, the two pilots… (read more)

In remembrance…

It’s that time of the year when we look back at the Hitchcock collaborators who passed away. In 2007, the following people died… Roscoe Lee Browne (Topaz) Lonny Chapman (The Birds) Laraine Day (Foreign Correspondent) Ray Evans (The Man Who Knew Too Much) Hansjörg Felmy (Torn Curtain) George Grizzard (Alfred Hitchcock Presents) Peter Handford (Under Capricorn & Frenzy) Teddy Infuhr (Spellbound) George Tabori (I Confess) William Tuttle (North by Northwest) Peter Viertel (Saboteur) Jane Wyman… (read more)

Frequent collaborators

I’ve been adding the odd name to the Frequent collaborators section on the Alfred Hitchcock article on Wikipedia for a while now, so I decided recently to do the job properly and analyze the “Complete Cast and Crew” pages on IMDB for the 53 major Hitchcock films. The final data showing everyone who appears 3 or more times can be seen in this Excel spreadsheet. Quite often, Leo G Carroll is named as being the… (read more)

Bad day for Baddies

Three of the great, if not the greatest, Hitchcock baddies passed away on the 12th September… Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates in “Psycho“, died 12/Sep/1992) Hitchcock deliberately cast Perkins against type — all the better to keep us from realising that Norman isn’t normal, but is really Norma (Norm’s ma?)! Psycho bears out repeated viewings, if only to pick up on some of the very subtle acting from Perkins — the hesitation in picking which cabin… (read more)