New to DVD: Elstree Calling (1930)

Previously only available as a bootleg transfer taken from a UK TV broadcast, Elstree Calling (1930) is being released for the first time on DVD by Network at the end of April.

Although Hitchcock’s exact contribution to the film is unknown, James M. Vest speculated in “Alfred Hitchcock’s Role in ‘Elstree Calling’” that it may amount up to a quarter of the film.

In their review of the film, The Times reported that the film “is a monumental affair and the list of artists imposingly long, but, although a positive legion of people seems to have had something or other to do with the production, there is such a smoothness and continuity about Elstree Calling that it might easily be the work of one man.”

The DVD is available to pre-order on Amazon UK.

Elstree Calling (1930)

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  1. Hello,
    just found this blog by accident and as there is no other way to contact anybody on the wiki or better fitting subject on this blog I’ll put my info in here.

    I just found out that the Acadamy of Motion Picture put the short “The Fighting Generation” on YouTube a couple of weeks ago.

    Not much to see or direct in it, but the true Hitchcock fan will surely be happy to have the oportunity to see it.



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