RIP: Jane Wyman (1914-2007)

Several sites are just starting to break the news that the actress Jane Wyman (who played the role of Eve Gill in “Stage Fright“) has died at the ripe old age of 93. Jane Wyman and Alfred Hitchcock in “Stage Fright” (1951) BBC: Obituary: Jane Wyman Oscar-winner Wyman dies aged 93 The Hollywood Reporter: Oscar winner Jane Wyman dies at 93 AFP: Oscar-winner Jane Wyman dead at 93 International Herald Tribune: Jane Wyman, Oscar winner,… (read more)

Hitchcock Update (w/c 10/Sep/2007)

I’ve been meaning to start regularly blogging about Hitchcock, so here goes! I’m planning to cover news from the previous week and details of upcoming DVD releases, as well as any birthdays or anniversaries in the coming week. As reported at MacGuffin, the actor Hansjörg Felmy (who played the role of Heinrich Gerhard in “Torn Curtain“) died on 24/Aug/2007. Oddly, the report of his death at Variety states he appeared in “Alfred Hitchcock’s cold war… (read more)

Hitchcock — hatches and dispatches

Every now and then I post something to one of the Hitchcock groups on Yahoo about an interesting anniversary or birthday (e.g. yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Ingrid Bergman‘s death) …basically an excuse to raise a glass of something alcoholic and/or watch a Hitchcock film ;-) I’ve also been trying to keep track of Hitchcock collaborators who are still alive. As you can imagine, the list dwindles year by year, but 2007 has (touch… (read more)

New Hitchcock DVD from Criterion

Well, perhaps not quite “new”, but Criterion have announced that they will be re-releasing their “The Lady Vanishes” DVD in November. Hopefully, more details will appear on their blog in due course. The previous 1998 DVD release from Criterion was missing around 6 seconds of footage, but this has apparently been restored to the film for the new release. As well as a new cover and transfer, the release also contains a second disc with… (read more)

52,000 frames of Hitchcock

Back in January, I set myself the task of reducing every one of the available major Hitchcock films down to 1000 frames of film. Today, nearly 7 months later, I’ve finally finished :-) 1000 Frames of Hitchcock I’m guessing this is probably the largest online collection of images from Hitchcock’s films, with a total of 52,000 images covering a creative period of over 50 years, and taking up 3.76GB of disk space. However, there’s still… (read more)

1000 Frames of Hitchcock – part 5

Here are the last two for this week… Frenzy (1972) Shadow of a Doubt (1943) I couldn’t resist using the frames from Uncle Charlie’s speech — as he speaks the final words, he turns and stares straight into the camera… The cities are full of women, middle-aged widows, husbands, dead, husbands who’ve spent their lives making fortunes, working and working. And then they die and leave their money to their wives, their silly wives. And… (read more)