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Hitchcock Update (w/c 22/Oct/2007)

Over at MacGuffin, Ken Mogg’s latest entry in “The Editor’s Week” (20/Oct/2007) continues his in-depth discussion about “Frenzy“. Just picking up on the theme of “waste”, in his interviews with Truffaut, Hitchcock said: I’d like to try to do an anthology on food, showing its arrival in the city, its distribution, the selling, how it’s fixed up and absorbed. And gradually, the end of the film would show the sewers, and the garbage being dumped… (read more)

More remakes and movie news

Just catching up with more movie news… The Lodger (IMDB) David Ondaatje (IMDB) is directing a contemporary version of the Marie Belloc Lowndes novel (available to download at Project Gutenberg). Number 13 (IMDB) Not a remake of Hitchcock’s unfinished film, but a film in which “the director gets caught up in a Hitchcockian dilemma when he ends up in a love triangle with two crew members while making the film — when the lead actor… (read more)

Birds remake

The rumours have been circulating for what feels like a couple of years now that Michael “Pearl Harbor” Bay was wanting to produce a remake of “The Birds“, along with actress Naomi Watts. I’m sure I also read that Bay was intending to go back to the original short story by Daphne du Maurier for the remake, even though none of the characters in the story even remotely resemble Melanie Daniels. Du Maurier’s story instead… (read more)

Hitchcock Update (w/c 15/Oct/2007)

Over at MacGuffin, Ken Mogg’s latest entry in “The Editor’s Week” (13/Oct/2007) continues his in-depth discussion about “Frenzy“. “Frenzy” is one of my guilty pleasures — whenever I watch it I always enjoy it more than I feel I should. But then again, most of the characters in the film seem to be indulging in guilty pleasures, greed and excess. The food motif has been well discussed, but I’d not picked up on the Rusk/breadstick… (read more)

Hitchcock Update (w/c 01/Oct/2007)

Over at MacGuffin, Ken Mogg’s latest entry in “The Editor’s Week” (29/Sep/2007) catches up with some of the observations he’s received from Hitchcock fans around the world. Just to pick up on the children’s song in “The Birds“, in the documentary “All About The Birds“, writer Evan Hunter said: The crows are gathering behind her on the jungle gym and I have the kids sing a song. I asked my kids, what’s a… they were… (read more)


In 1919, whilst he was working at W.T. Henley’s Telegraph Works, Hitchcock edited and wrote articles for the in-house newsletter “Henley Telegraph“. Nearly 90 years later, director Sylvie Bolioli and Polaris Productions Ltd took one of the Hitchcock short stories that appeared in the Henley Telegraph — Gas — and turned it into a short film (see Internet Movie Database) starring Tony Hadley, Johanna Mohs, and Valerie Leon. The US premiere for “Gas” takes place… (read more)

Vertigo celebrations at San Juan Bautista

Just a quick reminder that the Vertigo weekend at the San Juan Bautista (San Francisco) is only a week away now: Highlights of the event include: viewing and discussion of the film mass in memory of Mr. Hitchcock and his wife Alma auction and gala fundraiser at Casa Maria Hitchcock’s daughter Patricia will also be attending some of the events.

Hitchcock Update (w/c 24/Sep/2007)

Over at MacGuffin, Ken Mogg’s latest entry in “The Editor’s Week” (22/Sep/2007) discusses the film “The Ipcress File”. I remember reading somewhere that Hitchcock was keen to make an anti-James Bond film — one in which the viewer sees the mundane side of espionage (rather than the glamorous and STD risky lifestyles of Messers Connery and Moore). Also, “The Ipcress File” contains many camera shots from weird angles, including one from above a light bulb… (read more)