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More details on the upcoming UK set…

Thanks to John Hodson for spotting that Network have added details of the upcoming 10 disc “Hitchcock: The British Years” to their web site. Looks like they’re pulling out the stops to include some great extras… Digitally restored versions of “The Lodger“, “The 39 Steps“, “Sabotage“, “Young and Innocent“, “The Lady Vanishes” and “Jamaica Inn“ “Cinema: Alfred Hitchcock” – unseen for forty years, Mike Scott interviews Hitchcock about his life and career “Aquarius: Alfred the… (read more)

10 DVD UK set from Network next year

Some great news for Hitchcock fans in the UK — Network are planning to release a 10 DVD set of early Hitchcock films (all licensed from Granada International) in early 2008 (probably in February). Full details haven’t been confirmed yet, but the set should contain: The Pleasure Garden (1925) The Lodger (1927) Downhill (1927) The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) The 39 Steps (1935) Secret Agent (1936) Sabotage (1936) Young and Innocent (1937) The… (read more)

Hitchcock retrospective in Austria

Hitchcock fans in Austria will want to check out the Hitchcock retrospective at the Österreichisches Filmmuseum, running from 01/Dec/2007 to 04/Feb/2008. The press releases are available here and here, and there’s also a copy archived on the wiki. The web site also has a collection of hi-res Hitchcock images!

More remakes and movie news

Just catching up with more movie news… The Lodger (IMDB) David Ondaatje (IMDB) is directing a contemporary version of the Marie Belloc Lowndes novel (available to download at Project Gutenberg). Number 13 (IMDB) Not a remake of Hitchcock’s unfinished film, but a film in which “the director gets caught up in a Hitchcockian dilemma when he ends up in a love triangle with two crew members while making the film — when the lead actor… (read more)

Blackmail on BBC4

Just got an email from the BBC! :-) Hi there I just wanted to let you know that we are showing Hitchcock’s classic film Blackmail on BBC Four on Saturday 13 August at 10pm: It is accompanied by a new documentary based on Matthew Sweet’s book about early British cinema, Shepperton Babylon: I thought that your users might be interested in both programmes. Best wishes BBC Four webteam I’d spotted that Blackmail was… (read more)

Carry on saving those pennies!

October just keeps getting better for Hitchcock fans! Universal have just officially announced the region 1 “Hitchcock Presents: Season One” box set. (image courtesy of DVD Times) Hopefully we’ll have an announcement soon from Universal about the possible UK release of the set on October 31st. So, that now means the following are potentially going to be released in October 2005: Hitchcock: The Complete Box Set (UK) Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season One (USA) Alfred Hitchcock:… (read more)

More budget US DVDs and Lifeboat

It looks like Fox are finally going to release Lifeboat on DVD. The unconfirmed release date is October 18th. I’ve also got hold of a pile of US budget releases from Westlake Entertainment Group. I’ve yet to add screen grabs to the site, but the transfers appear to be similar to the old Laserlight/Delta releases. I’m not sure if these count as some of the cheapest Hitchcock DVDs to date, but they only cost $0.89… (read more)

new Universal box set

Universal have announced a new box – “Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection“. Initial reports suggested that it would simply be a repackaging of the 14 existing region 1 releases, along with a bonus 15th disc of new material. However, a new press releases has confirmed that although the DVDs will still contain the previously releases extras, the film transfers will be new digitally re-mastered versions. Universal Studios Home Video have announced the Region 1 DVD… (read more)